Complementary activities for attendees

We’ll have some amazing talks at overdrive conference this year. We expect to have speakers from more than 5 countries including USA, Russia and China, from renowned companies and world class laboratories so we are sure that we’ll have some amazing talks but… we’ll have a lot more than just talks this year here! We’ve been working to develop a complementary schedule for both national and international attendees at our event. Following you can see the full details of what we are going to do a part from listening to top class talks. Once you register at Overdrive you’ll have the full detailed activities schedule, but now, you can start checking what we’ll do! In the following schedule


17:00 Flavours of Girona – Food tour

We will start to know Girona the best way. We’ll go on a gastronomic tour through the city center. We’ll begin by eating a “xuixo” one of the most characteristic sweets of the region, then we’ll head to the city market and we’ll start knowing the city through his local people and his local food. Then we’ll go to the city center to perform a ham session, we’ll cut ourselves some Spanish ham and eat it while we drink some local wine. Don’t miss this chance!

Estimated price per person: 40EUR


10:00 Girona Game of thrones, touristic visitation

Yes! Game of thrones season 6 was filmed here! We’ll meet in front of the Cathedral of Girona and we’ll walk the city to see every place where GoT was filmed while we learn some local history.
Estimated price per person: 9EUR

12:30 Girona’s cathedral cultural visitation

We’ll take a guided touristic visitation through the cathedral of the city, a world-known building with a magnificent architecture.
Estimated price per person: 5EUR

14:00 Typical cuisine lunch

We’ll get a taste of the typical Catalan cuisine having lunch at one of the most well-known restaurants for the locals in the city, but not so well known for the foreigners (pic related :P). Then we’ll head to Overdrive con for the opening!
Estimated price per person: 15EUR

21:00 Meeting at the Irish pub

After the conference, feel free to have a dinner wherever you want, we meet at the Irish pub at 21:00 to get some drinks and share good stories. You can also eat something at the pub.
Estimated price per person: 1,5EUR per beer


09:00 Pentesting training

Our experienced trainers Lance Buttars and Lawrence Davis will perform an intensive training about pentesting and offensive security. If you want to sharp your skills or just learn new techniques while having fun, this will be your place. We’ll also have talks from 09:00 till 19:00!
Estimated price per person Donations accepted

10:00 CTF Opening

Have you learned something cool during the talks or the trainings and want to put it into practice? We’ll set up a CTF during the con, talk to one of our staff members and get the starting IP address. Be the first to do it and win a price. We’ll set up a couple of rooms for CTF players at the main building.
Estimated price per person Donations accepted

13:00 Barbecue at the campus!

Tired of packets and syscalls? We’ll gather in front of the campus and we’ll make a great barbecue to eat typical Catalan products and socialize a little bit 🙂 After that we’ll go back to the trainings/talks.
Estimated price per person 10EUR per person

19:00 Visitation at the Girona tech robotics laboratories

Interested in robotics and artificial intelligence? If you want we’ll take you to a guided tour through our research facilities so we can show you exactly what we do here!
Estimated price per person Free


09:00 Cybersecurity talks

Develop your skills in the application security field with this training conducted by our top expert Seth Law. Learn how to detect and prevent bugs by reviewing the source code of an application. Intensive training all day long along with the talks.

Estimated price per person: Donations accepted

13:00 Local food tasting

We’ll give you a taste of some local wine and cheese along with other typical products for eat. Note that DO Catalonia (Catalonia designation of origin) is known worldwide for it’s top class quality.

Estimated price per person: 10EUR

18:30 Participative panels and debates

We’ll arrange groups of attendees bases on their interests and organize panels to put all the knowledge generated at the event in common to extract some conclusions! It will be funnier than listening to a talk!
Estimated price per person: You are invited!

23:00 Farewell Rooftop party

After all that wanderful days we’ll say bye bye to overdrive hacking conference by setting up a party at “the secret” one of the nicest places in Girona (pic related) located at the rooftop of our main hotel. Cheap drinks and friendly people!
Estimated price per person: You are invited!


10:00 Dali museum visitation

For those who stay during Saturday we’ll offer you free entrances to Dali museum in Figueres. If you like surrealism or maybe you are just curious about art and culture, don’t miss the chance.
Estimated price per person: Train ticket 10 EUR +expenses

15:00 Cadaqués coast trip

Are you in love with the Mediterranean sea? Not yet? Well, you’ll be! For those who decide to visit the Dalí museum we’ll organize a small bus trip to Cadaqués, to spend all the afternoon walking near the sea. If we have a lot of registrations and people interested, we can even organize a boat trip along the coast! get in touch at staff@overdriveconference.com if you may be interested!
Estimated price per person: starting at 30EUR