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Why sponsoring

Link your brand

Link your enterprise with lead cybersecurity technology.

We work as an association in charge of the promotion of the new technologies as well as it’s secure way, insecurities and ways to protect ourselves from it making a responsible use of them.

Our area of influence goes from the youngest to adults and teachers, who work in child education and training and so are in aware of the need of information and training in this field.

Sponsoring this Con is not only sponsoring a security and ethical hacking congress, but also sponsoring our association and our philosophy, working for a better world, in harmony with new technologies and our society of information and the scope of services at our hands, as well as the right to the protection of people, with their due right to privacy.

Make bonds

Make bonds with cybersecurity and computer engineering top enerprises and people.

As it’s already known, we host speakers and trainers from different professional fields that come from different parts of the world. Last year we had the honor to share our Con with Spanish, European, American, Russian and Chinese people.

They all doesn’t only come from different parts of the world, but with its worldwide known enterprise representation, like Kaspersky. They also came in the representation of many other little enterprises that do a great job in their fields.

Our purpose is not only to show the world what we do, but also to share the new knowledge only with good purposes, and we’d like you to share your concerns in the field of privacy and security with us, as well as learn and grow in our community.


Support cybersecurity and its significance in our society.

Nowadays it’s vital in our society to be aware of the need of education in terms of data protection, our privacy and our personal life.

We all like to share what do we do, what do we like and what do bothers us in social networks, but we must always do it with the knowledge of what it means to expose ourselves. Although it seems to be a very basic example, this is how we should deal with our relationship with the rest of the technology that surrounds us: always being aware of what it is, how it is used, what it does and in what position it leaves us on a personal level as a society in reference to our privacy.

So, in this congress we also try to make people closer to all this. We’re not only moving in a strictly professional and informative field in terms of security and cybersecurity, but we also like to support the fact that not only the most professional should be aware of the news, leaving out the rest of the users.

By sponsoring the Congress, you also sponsor our way of seeing the world from a security and privacy point of view, supporting the need to leave in heritage a more conscious and knowledgeable society of a subject that, until recently, still It was considered taboo.


Encourage new generations of cybersecurity professionals and be the first to meet them.