Speakers to our know: Ben Herzberg

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Ben Herzberg is a young person with many interests and facets, but with no doubt, his main expertise ambit is information security. Refering to this ambit, he is the Security research manager of the blog in which he announces techniques, formative methods and other kind of information in order to inform all the people afraid or worried about the topic. Check it out on https://www.incapsula.com/blog/author/ben-herzberg .

On his LinkedIn profile, he talks about spending his free time updating himself with news in the changing world of computer security and also he is one of the main developers of http://www.cynet.com/Cyberspearwhich is aiming to be one of themoreperfectsolutions to all theenterprisesandorganizationssufferingfromattacks of hackers. Thisplatform/portal is supposed to be also as a nutshell involving different things like data mining, forums, formation, malware analysis… Many of theses topics will be treated during his speech about starting up with botnets in 26th at 16:00 (just after lunch) will not disappoint all the experienced that want to achieve another expertise level.

If you are willing to follow him, he makes some really interesting points on twitter:https://twitter.com/kernelxss.

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