Speakers to our know: Moshe Zioni

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Moshe Zioni has been investigating security since he was 14 and has been professionally positioned since he was 18. Now, he is 33 years old, married and father of two children.

It works with industry leaders, banks, software providers, insurance companies, healthcare organizations and telecom service providers, both domestic and international. He expresses his points of view and provides his research on stages and conferences around the world, always enjoying the healthy conversations that revolve around security aspects and believes in mentoring as a key to making a change in security posture.

Interested in all aspects of security, keeping your diaphragm wide, watching the entire image while talking to talk and walking the way when it comes to bits and bytes.

Specialties: “Black-Belt” penetration testing, “Tiger Team” security operations, Operations & Architecture Design Review and cybernetic intelligence analysis

He has experience as a security research manager, CIS, Ciber PBU in Verint i was head of the Research and Response Unit; Offensive Tech. Lead Services at Comsec.

He has a project to highlight that is the “CAPLex”.

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