Speakers to our know: Yassir Kazar

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Web developer and passionate businessman at heart, he participated in a first creation of companies in 2005 at the age of 23 in parallel to his studies at the University of Paris V, where he obtained a Master 2 miage in 2007 with honors.

He joined the IT services company CGI (Logica, Unilog) where he quickly became a Personnel Manager in Business Intelligence and took over the development of the offer around ITworking closely with the R & D. He has obtained in his interior a team of writing a monthly bulletin that covers news and tendencies of the business intelligence market.

Parallel to his work in CGI, he taught for 5 years Business Intelligence to the students of the Master 2 Miage in the University of Paris V. That constantly evolved this course so that the students realize that they cover a maximum of elements of the chain Of BI that could also negotiate with QlikTech company QlikView licenses for students to use this tool. This rich learning experience confirmed his taste for knowledge sharing and pedagogy.

In 2013 he created the “Defensive Lab”, specialized in Information Systems Security, in which the Yogosha project is incubated.

He involved in the debate on the freedom in the moment of the digital technology, the access to the data, and the digital rights and civil. He was a member of the board of directors of the collective Mamfakinch who won the Google Breaking Frontiers Award in 2012, Thomson Reuters and Global Voices. He is a collaborator in OuiShare Morocco, and co-founded the local Open Knowledge Foundation initiative in Morocco.

In 2014, it decided to dedicate itself entirely to the launching Yogosha, the first French platform Bounty Bug.

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