Register is needed

Remember to register for the event as your general pass will grant you full access to the villages you wish along with the general pass for free: here All the villages will open on day 19th at 09:00 and will last till 21:00

All the content offered inside the villages, except for the trainings will be held in spanish. Don’t forget to bring your laptop for the villages as well as any other cool hardware you want to use or break 8)


Group in charge: Assoc. HackingLliure

P-III Building room 01


This space will be dedicated to reverse engineering, this includes: General software RE, hardware security and RE, stenography and cryptography study. We will have experts and volunteers that will help you to learn new things in the field. Also we’ll have a lot of challenges in a capture the flag game that will be held inside the village for those who want to put in to practice all the techniques showed in the village.


Groups in charge: defcon170(Girona, defcon801(Salt Lake city)

P-III Building rooms 07 and 08

This space will be dedicated to general pentesting also known as “offensive security”. The volunteers from dc801 and dc170 will be there to make you learn new techniques, present new tools to you and teach you about how to use it. We’ll have a CTF game there composed by several vulnerable machines ready to be hacked. During the day we’ll also have some technical talks conducted by national/international experts on the field. Register and stay tunned for new details 8)


Groups in charge: assoc. promotec, assoc. udgeeks

P-III Building room 02

This small space will be dedicated to data science. If you feel creative and prefer to build something rather than break stuff in other villages this is your place. We’ll provide you with sexy datasets and interesting challenges to work on. Professor Binns, from Oxford compsci dept will run this space along with promotech and udgeeks. During all day 19th, talks about topics such as: crypto currencies, quantum computing and machine learning will be conducted in this space.