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Tips To Help You Choose A Dissertation Topic

The final year project involves a lot of work and choosing a topic for your dissertation may be amongst the hardest tasks. For both postgraduate and undergraduate program require credits from the project to complete the course. Below are some tips that can come in handy if you are still wondering how to choose a thesis topic or a topic for your dissertation paper.

  • A topic in your area of interest

The writing of the dissertation paper will take quite a period to complete and one is prone to easily getting bored with the topic of choice if it is not interesting. Find a topic that you can always stay motivated and inspired to work on, either in your field of study or further.

  • Select something distinct

Doing your research and drawing your conclusions should be the major aim of your paper. It should present a uniqueness not administered before even though it is quite hard to come up with something new. In case of lack of a completely different idea, one can always work on an already done research but with a different approach than the one used. One could also major into a subtopic that has not been thoroughly researched before. This could be a red flag for your work.

  • Avoid too much vagueness

The whole document should present a good organization of ideas structurally flowing to produce a paper that is easy to understand and contains great cohesion. Each statement should have important meaning leading to the next statement in chronological order. A wide range of information will not contribute to the cohesiveness of the paper, therefore the ideas discussed should be specific to reduce vagueness.

  • Avoid too much narrowing down of your ideas

While avoiding being vague, it is important to remember to avoid restricting yourself to specifics. A little history and background information covered in detail are important to any dissertation paper.

  • Do thorough research

To ensure there is enough information to compare and contrast, thorough research is necessary on the various topics related to your topic of choice.

  • Stay focused on the objectives

Students easily digress from the main objectives of the project due to getting too involved. This will reduce the comprehensiveness of the paper. It is important to consider that your topic of discussion does have negative sides as well as the positives and they should be discussed too. One should try and engage a third party to give their opinion of how they understand the topic and allow the criticism to positively influence the progression of the choice of topic.

  • Work with your tutor 

Throughout the dissertation paper writing process, your tutor will be your mentor providing necessary guidance whenever required. If there is any matter disturbing you regarding the topic or any other matter concerning the paper, the tutor should be your first consultant. Through the years of gained experience in the field of study, he/she can guide you properly and ensure your work is completed and submitted in time. 

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